Denis Fournier : batteur jazz et musiques improvisées


Creation 2011, Jazz à Junas Festival

Nicole Mitchell , flutes
Hanah Jon Taylor, tenor sax, flute, EWI (electronic wind instrument)
Tomeka Reid, cello
Bernard Santacruz, bass
Denis Fournier, drums, percussions

To listen to an excerpt of their concert at the Radio-France Montpellier Festival, click here :

The concert at "Jazz à Junas", 2011, was recorded for the Rogue Art label, to be released in 2012.


Junas, 20/07/11, photo G.Souche

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To make this project and recording possible, Denis Fournier has worked wih Alexandre Pierrepont, whose work on and with the music and the musicians from Chicago, and especially from the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM), as an ethnographer and as a writer, is a mine of information, but also with the support of legendary producer Gérard Terronès. Last but not least, the independant producer Michel Dorbon (Rogue Art label) has joined them with the idea of recording the new band on stage, at the Jazz à Junas festival.

« If it's an adventure, it's in the sense that it has been a true cooperative one. In my life, possibilities offered by ensembles and collectives have always mattered a lot, and the fact that those musicians have been members of an organization like the AACM corresponds to my political ideas and ideals. I have always admired the Art Ensemble of Chicago and other artists from the AACM. So this project is like a lucid dream on musical and socio-musical interplay, on the complementary ways to improvise together, to build and invent together, and on the dark and the bright roots of blues. Creative music is an affirmation of another relationship to life and the world. ».(DF)


Photo F.Bigotte

Nicole Mitchell

Nicole Mitchell (photo F.Bigotte)

Hanah Jon Taylor

Hanah Jon Taylor (photo M.Monaghan)

Tomeka Reid

Tomeka Reid (photo G.Souche)

Bernard Santacruz

Bernard Santacruz (photo F.Bigotte)

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